sea oats 14"x20"

sea oats 14"x20"


like a ghost...

this one-of-a-kind light drawing measures 14" x 20" and was handmade by rinne allen in her garden in athens, georgia.

this piece is stamped on the back and signed and dated by the artist.

light drawing is an early photographic process that does not use a camera. instead, watercolor paper is painted with a light-sensitive pigment. once dry, the treated paper is placed in the sun with selected specimens arranged on top. after a period of time in the sun, the paper is brought inside & the specimens removed, revealing the shadows of the specimen across the paper- a unique chemical reaction between the sunlight, the paper, and the specimen. these light drawings are as archival as a regular photograph, and therefore, as with photographs, it is recommended that you keep the piece out of direct sunlight.

since each light drawing is completely unique, all sales are final, so please contact me if you have any questions prior to purchasing...i am happy to help!

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