rinne allen is a photographer living in athens, georgia who documents process as a way to visually demonstrate the effort that goes into creating things. rinne spends most of her days collaborating with chefs, farmers, artisans, designers, & researchers to document their work and the process that goes into making it, with the hopes that those who view her pictures will learn something from them. 

rinne also helps with the creative direction when working with her collaborators- she enjoys everything from coming up with the feeling of a shoot to sourcing the props & styling to the art direction once the photographs have been made. she has overseen the design and production of many different print publications and loves this aspect of her work.

rinne has a background in fine art photography, with a BFA in photography from sewanee, in tennessee, and now works out of her studio in an old house in her hometown of athens, georgia. she lives with her family in a group of houses that they have rehabilitated over the years. her family also tends a large garden, and she makes her light drawings there.

rinne's work has been published in over 15 books and in national & international magazines, as well as shown in galleries and educational institutions. rinne also has a regular column about harvests with the new york times' t magazine that focuses on the southern region that she calls home.